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  1. Alexey Dudashvili

    Dear colleagues!
    Foundation for the Preservation and Exploration of Caves (Kyrgyzstan) invites you to participate in five speleological projects in 2018. Our Foundation has received permission to research in unknown and a promising karst regions of Kyrgyzstan. After reconnaissance studies in 2017, these areas proved to be very interesting from the point of view of the discovery and exploration of new caves.
    The three major caving of the project: Unknown Chatkal (Western Tien Shan), Moldo-Too and Isfan-Jailoo (Middle Tien-Shan) will take place in a previously unexplored, remote mountain areas of Kyrgyzstan.
    Mountainous limestone plateau, reach heights of over 3000 metres. A lot of springs, which is vented at the base of limestone mountain ranges are a good sign of intensive karst processes that defines a good prospect for the formation of caves here.
    Previously, these areas weren’t researched by speleologists. But the locals have already known of several caves.
    In addition, canyons of Kok-Kai remain unexplored (southern Tien-Shan), and also limestone mountain ranges of Andigen and expressive canyons Madigen which recently discovered by speleologists.
    In addition, our Foundation is planning two expeditions in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. In Tajikistan, this is the highland valley of Marcansu, at an altitude of over 4000 m (Eastern Pamir) and still unexplored cave Matatash (Rangulskaya). In Uzbekistan it is the study of the largest and most promising to date, cave systems, mountain range, Baisun-Tau.
    In addition, we are preparing a separate expedition for speleo biologists, in the caves of southern Kyrgyzstan.
    Detail the expeditions can be found on our website http://www.speleo.kg in the PROJECTS section.
    In this regard, our Foundation invites cavers and scientists to take part in expeditions in 2018. Those wishing to participate, write to our address: info@speleo.kg

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